May 2020 – Reading Update

Sweet, Sweet Summertime

May 2020 hit me so quick I did a double-take!  And that’s not even a joke…but the cool thing is that college is officially a thing-of-the-past for me and I am free to read anything that’s not a textbook!  Maybe you’ve got some more free time on your hands too and are looking for some reading suggestions.  Keep scrolling!  I’m sharing my list of books that I’m in the middle of right now, and also some that I’ve recently finished!

Books on the brain…
I am currently in the middle of several books…as usual.  No surprises there!  But maybe one of these titles will surprise you:

– Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage by Jim Newheiser
Yes, I know I’m single, but a woman from my church recommended that I read through at least the dating and engagement portion of this book.  Having read through those portions, I have quickly decided the rest of the book would be helpful to read as well!  Newheiser does not present new material necessarily, as principles of biblical marriage date all the way back to Adam and Eve, but it is a fresh perspective in a world where the dating scene is just too crazy.  It is a wonderful resource for biblical counselors and for singles, married couples, and divorcees looking for answers to some difficult questions.

– Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
I’m currently working on an extra long review for this book, so be on the look-out!  To give a quick summary though, Mere Christianity may be the greatest apologetic work I’ve ever read.  C.S. Lewis has a way with words that makes my heart so happy, and he does not disappoint with this great work!  I highly recommend that you find this book and take it all in at your earliest convenience.

– A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
I read this Dicken’s classic for the first time my senior year in high-school.  I simply had to re-visit it now that I’ve got free time!  The French Revolution was a horrifying mess, but A Tale of Two Cities justifies the details it gives us of the thoughts and actions of such a deranged group of people with the loving action of a single man.  I can’t say anything more without giving everything away, but I will say that it is worth it to push through the first 350 pages to find such a gloriously moving and heart-wrenching ending.  Excuse my dramatics…I simply can’t help but praise Dicken’s genius at work in this book!

– The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson
This is the fourth book in a series called The Wingfeather Saga.  My sister has been telling me to read these books for 3 years now and I finally decided to take the time to read them.  I was instantly hooked and plowed quickly through the first three books!  I have slowed down to enjoy the fourth and final book The Warden and the Wolf King.  I’ve slowed down for 2 reasons: First, I want to be able to enjoy this series as long as I can.  I don’t want to rush through it just to know how it turns out and miss the chance at really soaking it in as I go.  Second, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion about how the book ends and I’m not sure I ever want to reach the ending…

Done and done…
I’ve not finished very many books this month, in fact both of the books I’m listing here are actually children’s books that took me only hours to finish.  Maybe you would enjoy these books, or maybe you know a young’un who would enjoy them too!

– Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham
I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  It only took me 4 hours to read, but it held my attention the entire time.  It’s a simple story, but it’s a true story!  Jean Lee Latham wrote this biography of the sailor Nathaniel Bowditch, and I definitely recommend it for all ages.  I’m planning to work on a full-length review of this book in the future, so keep your eyes open!

– CyberQuest #1: The Pharoah’s Tomb by Sigmund Brouwer
A young boy whose family I spend a lot of time with wanted me to read this series because he really, really enjoyed it.  He wanted me to enjoy it too!  I obliged him, and I was again surprised at how well this first book kept my attention.  It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, and it is rather strange to have a dystopian novel written for such a young audience, but it was a fairly good read.  I believe I would probably have enjoyed it more if I was younger, but the story line was well-written and it does make me want to read the next book in the series.

Coming up…
I’ve got an exhaustive list that always seems to grow longer with books I want to read (why does it never get shorter, no matter how much I read?)  However, here are a few that I’m planning to pick up within the next month.

– Anne of Green Gables #6: 
I read the first five books of Anne of Green Gables last summer with my sister so we could discuss it together.  I had read the original book at least once, if not twice, before, but could never make it past the first few chapters of the second book.  My sister convinced me to push through and I am quite glad I did!  Each book has proved to be a heart-warming and comedic addition to my list of favorites.  Now that school’s over, I’m hoping to finally finish the series.  Check them all out for yourself!

– Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
I borrowed this book from my roommate a year-and-a-half ago, and am finally getting around to reading it.  I’ve taken a peek at the first few chapters and I was intrigued.  It’s the story of a young, Muslim man who, in trying to understand Allah and the Muslim life, discovers Jesus as the Savior of the world.  Perhaps you’ll be seeing a review of it in the future!

Your turn…
What are you reading right now?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!  Do you have any reading suggestions for me?  I’m always looking to add to my book list.

Until next time!

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