Monday Minute on February 22nd

Crazy Hair Day

Hello again!  It’s Monday and it’s time for another minute.  This week I’m discussing something that I have way too much of: hair!  It’s a little odd, but it’s what came to mind as I was thinking through what the share this week.

I’ve got a thick head of hair.  There is so much of it, I honestly don’t know what to do with it most of the time.  Up until my freshman year of high school, I just didn’t touch it.  Literally.  I never brushed it, and washed it only when mom threw me in the bathtub.  (This resulted in a Friday night “de-tangling session” every two weeks.  It usually took a solid 2 hour movie to pick through the knot of hair that always developed at the base of my neck.)

My freshman year, the hormones kicked in.  I realized that the weird, gangly creatures across the room were called boys and girls should look nice for them.  At least, that was my freshman thought process.  To help develop my hair-handling abilities, I searched YouTube far and wide, high and low for ways to make myself look a little more presentable.  While I think through these things a little differently now, I still use a lot of the same resources that I found in high school to help with my hair.  So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

  • Kayley Melissa

First up is Kayley Melissa!  I discovered her almost immediately and I’ve been watching her videos for approximately 7 years now.  She was still somewhat new in the YouTube world then, but she was instrumental in helping me understand how to fix my hair.  She taught me how to french braid, dutch braid, fishtail braid, etc.  Any braid you can think of, I learned it from her.  She essentially taught me the basics!  However, she had so many other hair styles, tips, and tricks that I just kept watching her even after I could do my hair without help.  I still watch her videos regularly!  For those wanting to know about products, specific hair types, techniques, tool reviews, etc. you should follow her HERE on YouTube and HERE on Instagram.

  • Missy Sue

The second person I found on YouTube was Missy Sue.  I had already been watching Kayley Melissa for while, so I had the basics down and was looking for some more exciting and even elaborate hair styles.  I absolutely loved her channel (and still watch her stuff every once in awhile) because I liked exploring fancy up-dos.  I had a lot of fun (but spent many hours) following her tutorials for outings, Sunday service, and other special events.  By my sophomore year of high school, I was known for my special hair dos, all thanks to Missy Sue.  I don’t use her as often anymore, because with a full-time job that sometimes has me running out the door at 4:45 AM, I don’t waste time on fancy hair styles.  But you can find her HERE on YouTube and THIS is her website.

  • Twist Me Pretty

Last, but certainly not least is Abby Smith at Twist Me Pretty.  I haven’t watched nearly as many of her videos, but she’s fun to watch.  She is helpful, because she showed her whole process with her hair, including any products she put in/on her hair before, during, and after braiding or styling it.  This was helpful for me because I often didn’t know that I needed product to help a specific hairstyle work.  You can find her HERE on YouTube.

Until Next Week

I hope some of my readers will find this helpful!  Most of you probably are more interested in books and movies than hair, but that’s all for today!

Have a lovely Monday, and go read a book!

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