Don’t Let the Critics Steal the Show

Oscars for the Loss

I’ve have heard so much hub-bub about the 2021 Oscars.  I decided I would take a peek through the winners and I have no idea where any of those movies came from with the exception of Tenet, Soul, and Onward.  Besides these, I recognized none of the names, none of the actors, none of the directors, none of the music.  But you know what?  I don’t care.  The Oscars do not matter to me.  And they shouldn’t to you either.  Wanna know why?  Keep reading.

On a random day in 2019, I was sitting at the farm with my family due to a rare day off from work.  I was scrolling through my phone and found out that there was a new war movie that was releasing that day.  It was Midway (2019).  I was intrigued immediately due to the fact that I was reading all about the Battle of Midway in the book The Tiger Rising by T. Martin Bennett.  I immediately started pestering Mom and told her we should be spontaneous for once and go see a movie.  She told me to look up reviews and see what people were saying about Midway.  

Long story short, it was not pretty.  If I had based my decision off of the reviews, I would never have gone to see Midway.  It was cracked up to be a white-man’s celebration-of-war film, one that no one should enjoy and that, frankly, didn’t entertain.  I was disappointed, but I didn’t believe that every critic on the planet could agree that this was a terrible movie.  Thus, I sugar-coated the findings and talked Mom into taking me and my two siblings to Dodge City to see it.  Needless to say, I was completely right about the movie and it ranks close to the top of our family favorites.  The critics were very wrong, and I can’t take their politics anymore.

So the question is, what is the problem with the critics?  The short answer: woke society will not allow a neutral, non-biased, bi-partisan viewpoint on the literature, movie, and music industries.  This has to be common knowledge: no normal, moral, family-oriented, others-focused reviewer or critic could approve the garbage that is written for sex-centered television, homosexual-obsessed Hollywood, and rage-filled pop music.  We live in an age of politically centered arguments in every single facet of our American existence.  I, for one, am putting my foot down.

I refuse to care for the Oscars opinions.  I refuse to base my book and movie diet on the recommendation of the Hollywood nutritionists.  I refuse to let my choice, my mind, my soul be directed by the ebb and flow of America’s critics.  These people do not have our best in mind, and we should be paying attention to that fact.

The Bible says that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks (paraphrased from Luke 6:45).  The trash that the American media industries are producing is just the evidence of sin-filled, evil-obsessed hearts.  Knowing this about our world (the Bible says ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God in Romans 3:23 and that NO ONE is righteous, nor do they have the ability to be righteous in Romans 3:10-12) we must be careful how much we listen and pay attention to its influence.  We must be aware of the ways in which the world works and be wary of anything it sets before us.

I am not eloquent, nor do I truly understand politics as well as some.  However, Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire understands a great many things about the political climate, and has a wonderful way with words.  To get his opinion on the critics and the movies, check out THIS LINK to his video on YouTube about the movies that critics love and audiences hated.

Have a happy Tuesday and go read a book without checking for what the critics said (unless of course I’ve reviewed it, then by all means you must do as I say).

Until the next rant!  🙂


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