Monday Minute on May 24th

I’m Back Jack!

Even after posting my March posting schedule update, I have failed miserably to have any semblance of order and organization here on the blog.¬† I want to stop that buck here . . . hopefully! ūüėȬ† I’m making a calendar for myself that will have my blog schedule noted on it so that I can stop forgetting and maybe start posting instead!¬† And so we have a Monday Minute for the first time in . . . a while.¬† (Note: I just saved you from an entire day of Frozen music playing through your head.¬† You’re welcome.)

Some Favorites to Share

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite commentaries to read / skim as I study in my Bible.¬† My reading / writing style tends towards academic, wordy, and lengthy.¬† Not everyone enjoys that, but never fear!¬† The two commentaries I’m going to share are actually opposite in writing style.¬† So there’s something for *almost* everyone here!

  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole BibleMatthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in  One Volume by Matthew Henry, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble¬ģ
    Matthew Henry is wordy, wordy, wordy.¬† And I¬†love¬†it.¬† He is so thorough, so well-versed in Scripture, and his work is imbued with the Holy Spirit’s leading.¬† I enjoy his perspective a lot, and if it was possible to write a commentary on the Bible sermon-style, Matthew Henry did it.¬† I come away from his commentary with fresh perspective every single time.¬† It has been life-changing.¬† This commentary is an¬†incredible¬†blessing in my spiritual life and my walk with Christ.¬† Definitely worth a purchase, or even just an occasional perusal.
    I bought this commentary on sale at (for $19.99, which as of today is it’s current price as well) in early December (in hindsight, that was a mistake because it took around 5 weeks to ship and deliver.)¬† The edition I got is a cheaper version that has the entire commentary set in a single (ginormous) book.¬† The print is very very¬†small and the pages are quite large.¬† It looks intimidating, and this edition probably isn’t for everyone.¬† However, it’s possible to buy a set instead of a single edition, and it’s also possible to just buy specific books / portions of the Bible that you most want to study and understand better.


  • Warren Wiersbe’s Bible Exposition CommentaryThe Bible Exposition Commentary, 6 Volumes: Wiersbe, Warren W.:  9786125030474: Books
    I read a book by Warren Wiersbe last year called¬†50 People Every Christian Should Know.¬†¬†I absolutely fell in love with his writing voice / style.¬† I enjoyed his work so much, that when I saw a friend of mine had the commentaries I immediately put it on my “Future-Books-to-Buy” list.¬† The next time it was on sale at I took the plunge and bought the whole set.¬† It was on sale from $250 to $67.99 and I just couldn’t resist.
    The neat thing about this commentary set is how summarized and succinct it is.  It almost feels like an outline of the entire Bible rather than an actual commentary.  But, while it is significantly shorter in length than many other commentaries, the depth is not lacking.  The practical aspect is very much present with probing thoughts and questions that dig down into the heart of the issue and leave you with the desire to apply what you just read.


Happy Monday

I hope you will take the time to consider both of these wonderful commentary sets.¬† Amazing things happen when God’s people study and actually¬†understand His word!¬† Have you read any portions of these commentaries before?¬† What commentaries do you use?¬† Leave a comment below!

As always, enjoy your Monday, and go read a book. ūüôā

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