A 24-Hour Readathon (Part Two)

And We’re Back

Welcome back everyone!  Here we are another week into my 24-hour readathon and I’ve only finished one more book, unfortunately.  But that’s mostly because I read and finished one book, and then started two at once.  🙂  But let me quickly share the one book I did read with you.

1. The Guardian by Dee Henderson          10 : 13 : 26     (Hour : Minute : Second)
A U.S. Marshall scrambles to protect the only eye witness to an important judges’ murder and falls in love in the          process.


Sounds cheesy, I know, but it truly is a wonderful book!  I finished it in a little over three hours and quickly moved on to my next two books.  My current reading total is 15 : 01 : 12.  I’m in the middle of both of those books, but I can’t tell you what they are yet!  You’ll have to check back later this week to find out what they are.

Today is short but sweet.  Until next time!  🙂

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