That’s Quotable! with Paul Washer

A Different Rest

Paul Washer is one of my most favorite preachers to listen to.  He’s not easy to listen to by any means – he’ll hit you where it hurts with every single sermon.  But he makes me think and he cares so much for the lost.  The past few weeks as I’ve been thinking over laziness and my love of sleep (which Proverbs says leads to poverty!) I was reminded of a quote from a Paul Washer sermon that I listened to a few years ago.  I left this quote on my fridge throughout my college career – perhaps to remind myself that Jesus and finals were more important than sleep – and saw it nearly everyday:

There is rest that is more important than physical rest.  It’s rest of heart and it’s to be found in the power and presence of Jesus.

Do you have rest?  Not a life that is slow and controlled, not a regular and invigorating sleep schedule, not a week off from work.  Do you have heart rest?  Hebrews 3-4 speaks a lot about rest.  To read that passage with Warren Wiersbe’s New Testament commentary on hand will be beneficial for you and may help you look to the One Who is your rest.  Take heart, dear reader, and consider how your time is spent and where your rest is found.

Enjoy your Tuesday and go read Hebrews. 🙂

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