The Last Lecture – A Book Review

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.  And experience is often the most valuable thing you can offer . . .   Six Months What would you do if you were told the cancer was back and that you had 3-6 months to live? I would plan every trip I’ve been wanting to make, visit […]

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A 24-Hour Readathon (Part Two)

And We’re Back Welcome back everyone!  Here we are another week into my 24-hour readathon and I’ve only finished one more book, unfortunately.  But that’s mostly because I read and finished one book, and then started two at once.  🙂  But let me quickly share the one book I did read with you. 1. The Guardian by Dee Henderson    […]

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A 24-Hour Readathon (Part One)

Monkey See, Monkey Do My two most favorite bookstagrammers recently did 24-hour readathons, in which they read for as much time as they could in a single 24 hour span of time.  It was very fun to “tag along” and watch how they did.  I was also inspired to try something similar for myself. I didn’t think I would be able […]

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Without Remorse – A Movie Review

Without Remorse (2021) Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Guy Pearce Director: Stefano Sollima Rating: R for language, sexual content, violence   Syrians and Russians and Missiles (oh my!) I’ve been waiting to watch this new movie from Amazon Studios for quite some time.  My brother watched it and liked it, but didn’t necessarily care to watch it again, at least in the […]

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A Review of Christopher Nolan

Almost to the Finish Hello everyone!  I’ve got two Christopher Nolan movies left to watch – Tenet and The Dark Knight Rises – but I’m not quite ready to write full movie reviews.  So . . . I decided I’d give a little update of how my Nolan-binge is going in place of a full review. Long story short: I’m fascinated, forever […]

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The Screwtape Letters – A Book Review

  Indeed, the safest road to Hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts . . .        A Problem of Doctrine Over the years, the Christian Evangelical community has expressed concern and shown reservation over the doctrine of C.S. Lewis.  Oh don’t worry, they acknowledge and heavily […]

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Soundtracks for Contemplative Days

A Thinking Day Sometimes I just have days where I want to sit down and stare at nothing and think through everything.  It often occurs on rainy days, or days when I’ve got the day off of work and have nothing to do with myself.  And other times I’m just emotionally exhausted and end up thinking through everything in my […]

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Evidence Not Seen – A Book Review

Had it not been for these years, I might never have known these dear people, from whom I was soon to be parted.  The French have a saying, Partir c’est de mourir un peu, “To part is to die a little.”   A Missionary at War Darlene Diebler and her husband Reverend Russell Diebler landed in New Guinea on August 18, […]

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