That’s Quotable! with Paul Washer

A Different Rest Paul Washer is one of my most favorite preachers to listen to.  He’s not easy to listen to by any means – he’ll hit you where it hurts with every single sermon.  But he makes me think and he cares so much for the lost.  The past few weeks as I’ve been thinking over laziness and my love […]

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That’s Quotable! with Hericlitus

Who now? Lately I’ve been listening to a series of philosophy classes from Ligonier Ministries with R. C. Sproul.  The classes are amazing and if you didn’t like philosophy in college, or it didn’t make a lick of sense, you should check out Ligonier’s website HERE to look at this set of lessons.  It’s not necessarily easy to listen to, you […]

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That’s Quotable! with Candace Owens

Blackout Candace Owens, as many of you probably know, is a young black political commentator who just recently joined the staff of the Daily Wire (can I get a hooray?!).  She has had run-ins and clashes with Cardi B. and AOC over the past few months that were highly publicized and, much to the Left’s chagrin, only served as a […]

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That’s Quotable! with Dr. Seuss

The Right Perspective I was thinking about this quote looong before the news hit this week, but how well-timed on my part to pick Dr. Seuss as the inspirational quote for this week.  😉 Our world is a mess right now, but it is becoming more obvious by the day it seems.  This week we are “discovering” the racism behind the […]

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That’s Quotable! with FDR

That’s Quotable! Hello everyone!  It’s Tuesday and it’s time to get some new content rolling.  I was reading The Allies by Winston Groom yesterday, and came across a few interesting quotes from several key players in WWI and WWII.  As I was thinking about the quotes, I realized it would be so fun to share a few quotes with you, my […]

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