Soundtracks for Warm Spring Days

Music in the Air I don’t know about you, but I have a soundtrack for just about every mood, season, emotion, etc.  I’ve got so many playlists on my YouTube I sometimes worry they might take away my ability to save any more music!  Since spring is officially here (and already on its way out the door in southwest Kansas), […]

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Live and Learn

The Inspiration Continues I’ve been feeling inspired this week.  Don’t ask me why, but I have suddenly had an expansion (and a large one at that) of my ideas for blog posts.  My brain feels packed tight, so much so I’m not sure what to unpack first!  Today I’m starting another new “segment” or “series” on the blog titled Live and […]

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Monday Minute on May 24th

I’m Back Jack! Even after posting my March posting schedule update, I have failed miserably to have any semblance of order and organization here on the blog.  I want to stop that buck here . . . hopefully! 😉  I’m making a calendar for myself that will have my blog schedule noted on it so that I can stop forgetting […]

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Books I Regret Reading

I Thought It Would Be a Good Book . . . I haven’t read too many books that I regret . . . I don’t think.  At least, in comparison to the entire list of books I’ve read, there are very few that I wouldn’t consider reading again.  There are some books I’ve never finished reading.  Those also are fairly […]

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Books I’ve Finished in 2021

Books Galore In this new year of 2021, I am attempting to read 1 book a week.  To keep track of my progress, I created this blog post!  Every time I finish a new book, I will add it here, with the date I finished, and the star rating of how good I thought the book was (1-5 stars possible).  […]

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March Update

A Few Changes Hello everyone!  It’s officially March and I’m making a few changes to my blog-posting schedule.  It’s very minor, but I want to keep you up-to-date and in-the-loop. I’ve been posting a Monday Minute every week, but that will be reduced to once or twice a month.  It will still be on Monday (obviously . . . cause […]

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Monday Minute on February 22nd

Crazy Hair Day Hello again!  It’s Monday and it’s time for another minute.  This week I’m discussing something that I have way too much of: hair!  It’s a little odd, but it’s what came to mind as I was thinking through what the share this week. I’ve got a thick head of hair.  There is so much of it, I […]

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Monday Minute on February 15th

Another Monday, Another Snow Storm Hey all!  It’s Monday again (funny how Monday seems to come up every 7 days . . . ) and wouldn’t you believe it, we’ve had more snow.  It’s snowed around 9 times so far this winter and we are breaking records.  What kind of records you ask?  Temperature records.  The coldest days of the […]

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