Monday Minute on December 28th

What’s on the Menu? This week for my Monday Minute I will be sharing my menu for the week! Monday Lunch Egg Roll in a Bowl from I-can’t-for-the-life-of-me-remember-where I literally chopped up cabbage (raw), put it in a meal prep container, and threw in some pre-cooked hamburger before running out the door for work.  When I was ready for my […]

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December 2020 – Reading Update

It’s That Time of Year Christmas time is almost upon us yet again…and I’m celebrating six months of my blog!  One of my resolutions is to be more faithful with my blog (going completely silent for three months at a time is not the way to go!)  But I’m also resolved to read more books in 2021.  Honestly, reading more […]

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Knives Out – A Movie Review

Mystery Extraordinaire I love a good mystery.  But not just any mystery; I like ’em mixed up, jumbled, and completely complicated.  The tough nuts are always the funnest to crack.  Here’s the funny thing: I’m a horrible detective!  Remember Murder on the Orient Express (2017)?  I was riveted and spent the entire movie replaying all possible options for who did it.  All […]

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