Anne of Ingleside – A Book Review

“Anne’s hand found its way into Diana’s.  They sat for a long time in a silence too sweet for words.  Long, still evening shadows fell over the grasses and the flowers and the green reaches of the meadows beyond.  The sun went down…grey-pink shades of sky deepened and paled behind the pensive trees…the spring twilight took possession of Hester Gray’s […]

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Classic movies — an uncle’s perspective

Family Traditions… Since my maternal grandparents were married nearly 55 years ago, our family has had a tradition of Friday night pizza.  Somewhere along the way, a movie with our pizza also became tradition.  We enjoy watching movies together almost as much as we love watching Dodger baseball games together!  My Mom’s oldest brother along with his wife and her […]

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The Maze Runner — Book Review

The Maze Runner tells us the story of a young man who wakes up in a box…That is moving…And completely dark…And he can’t remember…Anything.Well, anything except his first name: Thomas. A Glade, a Maze, and a boy… The Maze Runner begins as the box Thomas has somehow found himself in stops moving and drops him in a glade.  This isn’t just […]

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May 2020 – Reading Update

Sweet, Sweet Summertime May 2020 hit me so quick I did a double-take!  And that’s not even a joke…but the cool thing is that college is officially a thing-of-the-past for me and I am free to read anything that’s not a textbook!  Maybe you’ve got some more free time on your hands too and are looking for some reading suggestions.  […]

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