Monday Minute on February 22nd

Crazy Hair Day Hello again!  It’s Monday and it’s time for another minute.  This week I’m discussing something that I have way too much of: hair!  It’s a little odd, but it’s what came to mind as I was thinking through what the share this week. I’ve got a thick head of hair.  There is so much of it, I […]

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Infidel – A Movie Review

Infidel (2020) Starring: Jim Caviezel Rating: R for violence and language   One Religion, Many Sects After recently reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Quereshi, I was convicted about my tendency to lump all Muslims into one category: terrorists.  In reality, there are many sects of the Islamic religion.  Many of them are peaceful tribes who interpret the Koran in a way […]

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That’s Quotable! with FDR

That’s Quotable! Hello everyone!  It’s Tuesday and it’s time to get some new content rolling.  I was reading The Allies by Winston Groom yesterday, and came across a few interesting quotes from several key players in WWI and WWII.  As I was thinking about the quotes, I realized it would be so fun to share a few quotes with you, my […]

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Monday Minute on February 15th

Another Monday, Another Snow Storm Hey all!  It’s Monday again (funny how Monday seems to come up every 7 days . . . ) and wouldn’t you believe it, we’ve had more snow.  It’s snowed around 9 times so far this winter and we are breaking records.  What kind of records you ask?  Temperature records.  The coldest days of the […]

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The Lost and Found Bookshop – A Book Review

For the Want of a Book Barnes and Noble is a pretty nice place to be: the smell of fresh paper, the crack of an untouched spine, the hushed whispers of stories calling to their readers.  But take the comfortable atmosphere of B&N one step further.  Imagine now you are in a mom and pop bookstore – a crammed building […]

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Monday Minute on February 8th

My Favorite Things Hello everyone!  It’s Monday again which means it’s time for another Minute!  Although I’m writing this late I’m pleased that it’s still Monday.  I haven’t missed one yet this year and I hope *fingers-crossed* that I can keep this up for as long as possible. But that’s beside the point!  Today I’m going to share with you […]

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Ella Enchanted – A Movie Review

Ogres, and Elves, and Fairies, Oh My! We’ve all seen a dozen varieties of the classic fairy-tale, Cinderella.  Somehow the tale hasn’t lost its draw for the hopelessly romantic audience.  Ella Enchanted (2004) is similar to the old Cinderella tale – a young girl loses her mother, her father remarries an evil woman who has two equally evil daughters, said woman […]

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Monday Minute on February 1st

Sermons for Growth I have listened to many sermons over the years, both in my church and online.  A few years back, when I moved out on my own, I began listening to sermons through Sermon Audio*.  I included the link here, because I listen mostly through my browser on my chromebook.  However, I also downloaded the app on my […]

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