That’s Quotable! with Candace Owens


Candace Owens, as many of you probably know, is a young black political commentator who just recently joined the staff of the Daily Wire (can I get a hooray?!).  She has had run-ins and clashes with Cardi B. and AOC over the past few months that were highly publicized and, much to the Left’s chagrin, only served as a publicity boost for Candace and her new book.  Speaking of, Candace published her first book Blackout: How Black America Can Make It’s Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation in 2020.  While reading her book, I have felt greatly enlightened over the true origins surrounding the issues preceding the BLM movement, and also now the ramifications after such a movement.  I have chosen a few insightful lines from the chapter on religion to share with you today:

It is no longer politically expedient for the Left to seek God, so they don’t; look at any socialist society, as mentioned in earlier chapters, and you will see that atheism is the name of the game . . . quite simply, the Left wishes to drive a wedge between people and God in the same way that it has successfully driven a wedge between individuals and family.  The Left understands that in order to grow government to a state of omnipotence, there must be nowhere else that its citizens place value and faith.

I recently read a book on the French Revolution.  If I told you all the ways America is similar to pre-revolution France, it would disturb you.  Atheism does nasty things to a nation.  Socialism does terrible things to its followers.  Communism leaves death everywhere it goes.  Perhaps this sounds discouraging.  It’s the truth, and unfortunately it’s not very pretty.  But there is always hope if God’s people will stand up for the faith.  We stand on the brink of Revival or Revolution.  The outcome is decided one man at a time.

Enjoy your Tuesday and go read a book!

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