Live and Learn

The Inspiration Continues

I’ve been feeling inspired this week.  Don’t ask me why, but I have suddenly had an expansion (and a large one at that) of my ideas for blog posts.  My brain feels packed tight, so much so I’m not sure what to unpack first!  Today I’m starting another new “segment” or “series” on the blog titled Live and Learn.

After making a few discoveries in the past couple of weeks, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share on the blog and perhaps give my dear readers a chance to learn some things with me.  I’ve found some random and odd assortments of information online over the years that was actually helpful and so here I am giving back with things I’ve learned too.

It’s all random, weird, potentially un-relatable things that I will be discussing (at least, so far.)  I hope to post pictures of certain things to help describe each situation to you as you read.  For instance, my first ah-ha learning moment to share will be about growing grass in my yard.  You would want picture proof of that!

This will not be a scheduled post, due to the fact that it relies solely on my ability to learn new things and I don’t want to put a timeline on that and stress myself out.  🙂  So for now, you will just have to enjoy these anytime I randomly learn something new.  I have two that will be ready to post later this week and next week, but beyond that, only the Lord knows what will happen and when!

Until the next life lesson!  🙂  Oh, and, go read a book!

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